Compassionate Self Care

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  1. I have found S. Schwartz recording and writings inspirational. I have studied a course in miricals, and have listened to many spirituality reordings, but their is something about Stephen Schwartz that has always amazed me. I listen to his tapes when I go to bed, and I feel very warm and comforted by his teachings.


  2. I was introduced to I ACCEPT IN ALL GRATITUDE IN 1994 as I was recovering from surgery for cervical cancer…an amazingly enlightening book…since then I have given many recommendations to others of particularly The Compassionate Presence…I am so glad you are making these works available! I once described The Compassionate Presence as beyond the Course in Miracles. The person I was talking to said how is that possible…I suggested she read it…To me it is so expansive, inspiring, inclusive & universal…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…Linda, Ann Arbor, MI…8/6/11

  3. I have many Spanish speaking friends who would greatly benefit from reading Stephen Schwartz’s work. Does anyone know if any of his work has been translated into Spanish?

  4. Hello Monica,
    Thank you for alerting me to this. Would it be Spanish spoken in Europe, Central America or South America? I will work on this. Please let me know by emailing me at
    publisher, Compassionate Self-Care Publishing

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